Quelle est la meilleure formation pour le e-commerce ? July 2024

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Do you want to complete your project of creating an online store?

It's a great idea, but you need to find the right online training to succeed in e-commerce or dropshipping.

Depending on your preferences, there are several possibilities you can explore for selling online.

Read this article to discover avenues to explore in order to train in digital commerce.

What courses are available for e-commerce?

To start a business on the web, you need some basics. You must necessarily get the training to better sell your products.

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The educational path to obtain training in e-commerce

With the Bac+2, several e-commerce training courses are within your reach. If you wish, you can turn to a degree in digital marketing specializing in e-commerce. Depending on your needs, you can manage your project remotely or on a work-study basis. It all depends on your preferences. What is interesting with this training in e-commerce is that you will be able to occupy many positions. These include: digital project manager, e-commerce manager, etc.

These e-commerce training courses are general. They will allow you to acquire skills to acquire a job in a company.

Special online training

Apart from the general training offered online for e-commerce, there are specific online training courses. They are in the form of webinars that you can follow remotely on platforms. Among the trainings that will allow you to create an effective strategy, there is Ecom Pro training with Yomi Denzel.

What are the concepts developed by an e-commerce training?

Several notions are developed in an e-commerce training. During your learning, you will discover some elements such as:

  • The basics of web development;
  • Social media management;
  • The creation of an online store with CMS such as WordPress or Shopify ;
  • The courses of SEO and SEA;
  • emailing;
  • web design;
  • Dropshipping and traditional online sales, etc.

What solution to finance e-commerce training?

To benefit from e-commerce training, you have several solutions. You must therefore make the right choice according to your situation and your training center. Depending on your needs, you can turn to training that can be financed by the CPF (personal training account).

If you are a current employee, you can opt for OPCOs to receive training in e-commerce. Your company will have nothing to pay. The self-employed also have the possibility of turning to the FIF PL or Interprofessional Training for Liberal Professions. Finally, Pôle Emploi funds training such as e-commerce training. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to change jobs and redirect yourself to online sales or dropshipping.

In short, e-commerce is currently in full development. The ideal would therefore be to follow a specialized online training to open a shop selling on the internet.