Panthéon Business Club Opinion: The club of entrepreneurs!

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The Pantheon Business Club (PBC) is a private club for entrepreneurs who are thirsty for success!

In this article I will reveal to you (as a member) my opinion on this top-flight club!

The idea for this innovative community was born out of an entrepreneur's desire to provide a platform for passionate and skilled entrepreneurs.

This is a unique chance to be mentored and to create a high-level entrepreneurial network.

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This is a secret society for those who want to succeed, whether in business, in any field: building a brand, starting a business, getting into the food industry, etc.

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It is the most qualitative, lively and successful club I have ever seen for launching new businesses.

The ability to network with accomplished people is a bonus.

The goal is to have all the weapons but also the network to undertake in all areas !

They recently announced that they had booked the Zenith of Toulon for an exclusive conference for PBC NTF card owners on June 25, 2022 ! Stakeholders ? Neither more nor less than Idriss Aberkane, Oussama Ammar and Enzo Honoré ! This vent is accessible for FREE only to lucky owners of the NFT!

Discover the announcement of the event in video!

Famous Creators!

The founding members of the club, as well as the first members, are successful businessmen and women. Joining this club means having access to their knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to ask questions and get answers from a group of determined and experienced entrepreneurs.

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PC (Alexandre Villani and Pierre-Jean Cabrieres) and Alex are the creators of the PBC club. Alex and PJ have been entrepreneurs since 2010, and created a sports training club in Grenoble after studying at the sports faculty.

Alex and PJ Pantheon Business Club reviews

Pantheon business club review PJ and Alex

They created the brand Bodytime Xpress and a YouTube channel, which offers video fitness lessons. Thousands of people have benefited from their expertise and support to have an athletic body. Their Bodytime YouTube channel now has over 1,060,000 followers and 200,000 Instagram followers.

They then launched two branded clothing lines (Bodytime and Haddes).

These jacks of all trades then created and produced a reality TV program and continued to grow.

Then, in 2022, they created the Pantheon Business Club, based on the idea that doing things alone, such as entrepreneurship and business creation, was difficult. The goal of the organization is to avoid failure by learning from the failures of others and to move forward faster through lessons from those who have already succeeded. The factors that contribute the most to the success of a business are:

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  • Work and learn with the best entrepreneurs
  • Have the ability to activate your network when you need it
  • A healthy lifestyle is important. (a healthy mind in a healthy body)

A group of entrepreneurs with real superstars

pantheon business club trainer reviews

With PBC, you benefit from the network, know-how and expertise of the best proven French entrepreneurs. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of members of the PBC network.

  • Alexander Villani, Alias Alex, Panthéon Business Club co-founder and multi-entrepreneur
  • Pierre-Jean Careers, Alias PJ, co-founder Panthéon Business Club and multi-entrepreneur
  • Christopher Wangen delivers you 27 videos for 4 hours of training on the theme: “ Invest in real estate and become an annuitant »
  • Anthony Bourbon and the creator of the Feed brand (with which he made his fortune), he is also a business angel, you have probably seen him on the show “Who wants to be my partner” on M6. It delivers 10 videos for a duration of 1:30 on the theme: " Become a successful entrepreneur from 0″
  • Idriss J. Aberkane is a lecturer who has 3 doctorates to his credit. Often a subject of controversy, the fact remains that his teachings and his vision are truly inspiring.
  • Thami Kabbaj is very well known in the world of trading and he is the author of several best-selling books such as “The Art of Trading”. It delivers you a training of 10 videos for a duration of 3H on the Theme: “Become a Trading Reference”
  • Theophile Eliet is a serial multi-millionaire Web entrepreneur! It delivers you a course of 22 videos for a duration of 1:35 on the theme: “Selling online training”
  • Chantal Lang, is a specialist in crypto currencies and above all she has the art of finding the nuggets that will make times 100! You will have access to all his advice in 8 videos for a duration of 1H10 on the theme: “Making Good Investments Through Fundamental Analysis of Crypto Projects”.
  • Mathieu Faraco (of free and rich) offers him 6h30 of training on 56 videos on the theme of “Financial Investments & Tax Optimization”
  • Enzo Honore is a successful entrepreneur in the field of E-commerce and offers you 5 hours of training on 26 videos on “Building an empire on the web thanks to E-commerce”
  • Raphael GNN is the French-speaking SMMA specialist, he will teach you how to set up your own automated marketing agency! 8 videos over 2H20 on the theme: "Transforming its expertise into a consulting agency"
  • Maxence Rigottier made a fortune in sports betting, in particular, but he is also an expert in diversification and he has moved abroad, he will explain to you in 8 videos over 1H10 how “Expatriate when you are French”
  • Thibaut Bourou is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Just Mining with Owen Simonin alias Hasher! In 4 videos of 1H he explains to you “The different Blockchain opportunities”
  • Quentin Riviera, is a French Youtuber who will teach you “Learn to analyze and invest in crypto and NFT projects”
  • Alex Levand is a Sports Coach who will give you all the keys to "Boost your energy and productivity"
  • Osama Ammar is an entrepreneur and a business Angel also Speaker he gives you all the keys to businesses that make millions or even billions!
  • Fabien Raiola, is a business leader who will teach you how to “succeed in fundraising”
  • Fouad Ezbiri, was 4 times world champion in combat sport, he became a mental coach and he will teach you to "Build a champion's mind"
  • Mathieu Viscuso, is the founder of Fitness Boutique, he will give you the keys to “Build a Fitness Empire”
  • Pierre Giannone, is a speaker and coach, he teaches how to "Set up a successful sales funnel"
  • Taylor Chick, is a multimillionaire self-made man and a hard worker… he will show you how to “Develop your Business and diversify”
  • Patrick Pelonero, is the owner of O tacos the famous Tacos franchise that made him a multi-millionaire… he will teach you how to “Build a successful brand”

As you can see there are very heavy and very beautiful people in this club! The goal of all this is to open up the field of possibilities and to open your eyes to entrepreneurship.

You will discover, whether you are a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, all the tips from the best French-speaking entrepreneurs who will take you to the next level!

The NTF card, what is the sesame price for access to the Panthéon Business Club

The Pantheon Business Club is only accessible to holders of an ultra-secure NFT card. These are not pixelated images produced for fun or speculation. No, the PBC uses NFTs as a way to access the club.

The number of spaces is predetermined in advance: 8888. The PBC token is required to join the entrepreneur community. This is a tamper-proof pass that gives access to the circle of entrepreneurs.

On the principle of NFTs, access to the club can be purchased either directly by ordering one of the 8888 NFTs available or on the secondary market as may be the case on opensea. Note that you can at any time resell your access, your NFT therefore, with a potential added value in view of the scarcity (only 8888 members)

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Following misunderstandings and numerous suspicious NFTs, it is now possible to join the Pantheon Business Club by paying by credit card or by bank transfer. Even if you don't know much about cryptos, the PBC team will give you your NFT so that everything is transparent for you. The price is 1680€ if you buy directly on the site in CB, otherwise you can buy it in crypto, with your metamask for 0.63 ETH (Ethereum).

Pantheon business club opinion how to join the club?

What's in the Pantheon Business Club?

The Pantheon Business Club is a network for those who wish to evolve in a safe and enriching atmosphere. Rub shoulders with excellence in short… It brings together various services, such as networking events, educational seminars, lives and mentoring programs:

  • Private live sessions and trainings on a variety of topics: stock market, real estate, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies and physical trade.
  • Networking, networking and getting recommended: it's all simple. It is easy to find advice from an accountant, lawyer or other professional.
  • Creating a textile business: the steps to follow
  • Lifestyle training: how to properly manage your personal and family life
  • How to become a successful athletic trainer
  • The most popular programs are those that teach you to eat healthier, exercise more effectively and have a better attitude towards life (Beauty time, Goddess, Apollo, Wolf)
  • Trainings, interviews with eminent French businessmen and discussions with leading entrepreneurs
  • Mutual help and answers to your questions
  • Face-to-face events in France to meet IRL.
  • Discord private group

pantheon business club notice events free

Previous Panthéon Business Club live meetings have covered the following topics:

Every week, live broadcasts take place. The topics covered are very varied. It is designed for anyone planning to start their own business or be a future entrepreneur. There is something for every taste.

  • Analysis of cryptocurrencies and tips for investing well
  • How to settle in another country, expatriation can be interesting on many levels, including taxation.
  • Create an online store and develop it into an empire!
  • Nurture a YouTube community and keep them loyal…

My Verdict in Conclusion and my Opinion on The Pantheon Business Club

This private club is the ideal place for people who want to develop their own business. A quality address book allows you to showcase your talents, maximize your energy and expand your network.

The best professionals in real estate, cryptocurrencies, Ecommerce (to train you in ecommerce, I advise you to take a look at our article on the Yomi Denzel training), trading, physical commerce, marketing and social networks are all represented in this French-speaking network.

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We all know that what makes success is our network and above all our ability to surround ourselves with the right people. The Panthéon Business club is therefore an incredible opportunity to rub shoulders with beautiful people in order to go further in your projects...

Don't forget that alone we go faster but together we go further!

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