E-commerce shopping cart abandonment: tips and tricks to counter the evil

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One of the hottest phenomena in online commerce today is e-commerce cart abandonment. This practice, more and more recurrent, undermines the owners of e-commerce sites who can see their turnover dwindle. Fortunately, there are simple tricks to remedy the problem. We invite you to discover some of them in this article!

What is e-commerce cart abandonment?

The abandonment of e-commerce carts or more precisely shopping carts is a term that describes a potential customer who adds items to his shopping cart, but does not complete the purchase for various reasons. The e-commerce cart abandonment rate is estimated at 7/10, which is too high for a merchant. In other words, this means that out of 10 Internet users, only 3 complete the ordering process. The causes of the phenomenon are multiple.

How to increase the conversion rate of your online site?

To get customers to complete the purchase process, just observe the following tips and tricks.

  • Show transparency

Customers are generally disappointed when, once at the end of the purchase tunnel, they are confronted with surprises. This often causes them to abandon the current purchase. The solution to avoid this kind of situation is to be transparent and to indicate as soon as possible the price of the article, the delivery costs, the delivery times, the shipping costs, etc.

  • Know the conversion rate

Concretely, it is a question of using applications like Google Analytics to know the reasons for the abandonment at the level of such or such page of the site. Once these pages have been identified and the number of customers who have abandoned known, it is recommended to work on these pages as a priority, to unload them and make them simpler.

  • Follow up on abandoned carts

When a potential customer abandons a basket, it is suggested to send him a follow-up email to encourage him to continue his shopping journey and to finish placing his order. When these follow-up emails are sent within minutes of abandonment, the conversion rate can reach 5.2 according to a study by SaleCycle.

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  • Reassure during the payment process

A customer will never finalize his act of purchase when he has doubts about the security of the transaction. So that his user experience is not tarnished, the site must offer him assurances and establish trust in him. Similarly, the customer must have access to several means of payment when the one offered by the site does not suit him.

  • Simplify account creation

Generally, e-commerce sites ask potential customers to create an account in order to collect information. When the amount of information becomes too much, the customer can stop the purchase process. It is therefore recommended to offer customers the option of quick purchase or guest account in case they do not want to create their own account.

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