The Business Legion with Romain Pirotte: opinion on SEO training

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If Google was God, SEO would probably be his bible. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, called natural referencing in French, is a set of methods that now form a real discipline that allows you to grab the first places in search results on Google, but also in other search engines.

Mastering SEO is vital for anyone wishing to launch their site, improve it or simply introduce it to customers or simple readers. Whether you are looking for a way to boost your WordPress site or you are looking for a solution to explode sales on your WooCommerce or Shopify online store, SEO is undoubtedly the key.

Therefore, and if we agree that SEO is Google's bible, there is no doubt that The Business Legion is one of its churches. What is this ? It is an SEO training developed by Romain Pirotte, one of the eminent SEO experts and one of the pioneers of the training sector in this field.

Whether you are a beginner, a novice, or an expert, I recommend that you look into this training with me in order to try to gauge its relevance and measure the scope of its results.

1- Why do you need to learn SEO?

SEO is a lever of paramount importance in digital marketing. Natural referencing (SEO) allows search engines, such as Google, to filter, sort, rate and classify websites according to a fairly complex algorithm whose meanders are jealously guarded. Fortunately, there are people who have taken it upon themselves to decipher it and explain it to people like you and me.

If the ways of the Lord remain impenetrable, thanks to SEO, we can understand those of Google. Understanding a search engine means that you guarantee maximum traffic to your site, which means more customers, more sales and therefore more turnover.

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The more time passes, the more SEO becomes more and more vital for Internet users, but also for website owners and for the search engines themselves. In order to combine the needs of all parties, SEO trainers have been able to break through.

However, care must be taken before opting for any training. SEO is a constantly evolving discipline and a practice that may seem quite vague and complex for ordinary mortals. If you want to train in SEO, I can only advise you to opt for real experts who will not let you go after being able to extract your money.


2- Who is R. Pirotte?

He is the founder of the web agency Impulsion SEO and one of the most imminent trainers in SEO. However, it should be noted that R. Pirotte is above all behind many strategies for generating income on the Internet. To simplify, this is a specialist in the monetization of your digital content. Whatever you own on the net, I'm sure this SEO will be able to sell it for a price you can't imagine.

R. Pirotte has also worked extensively in the field of website generation and automation, which has enabled him to create a plethora of them, each as effective as the next.

With an important IT background, Romain quickly turned to SEO after having estimated that this discipline is at the heart of every success in the field of digital marketing. So, and after setting up tools like LinkExpress (netlinking service), ScribeBest (automatic writing), and Impulsion SEO (a web agency), he now offers his latest: Training The Business Legion.

Although SEO training is legion on the net, The business Legion has distinguished itself thanks to its own elements that we will discover in the rest of this paper. It is thanks to all the experience of R. Pirotte that this SEO training is so promising. It should also be noted that he did a complete module in the excellent training Ecom Pro by Yomi Denzel where he clearly explains how to have a good natural traffic strategy for e-commerce!

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3- The business Legion: SEO training like no other?

What makes this training so exceptional? This is a training that can be followed on the Internet, so it is an online training.

However, you should know that Business Legion is a condensation of SEO know-how concentrated in 30 hours of videos. This know-how helps those who opt for this training to quickly master methods and tips to increase the traffic of their site.

Each video, in addition to its wealth of information and methods that allow you to master SEO, is also enriched by the experience and involvement of various trainers who do not hesitate to share with you their knowledge, but also their own experiences.

Business Legion is intended to be a concrete training that teaches the basics of SEO, but it is also a golden opportunity for those who wish to specialize in monetization methods.

Indeed, Business Legion also offers several premium modules in this sense, in addition to the basic SEO base. Thanks to R. Pirotte's training, you can therefore master, in addition to the basics of SEO, among other things, dropshipping, affiliation, blackhat SEO, as well as niche sites.

With this clever fusion that presents the client with knowledge that brings together the basics of SEO and premium modules, Business Legion has established itself as one of the best SEO training courses of the moment. But, with the follow-up she provides, even after the end of the course, she aims to remain on the SEO training podium for a very long time.

The Business Legion formation strikes by its richness, but also by its plan and its structure which testifies to an analysis carried out beforehand by its creator. By discovering the plan of this training, you will undoubtedly detect a great pedagogical professionalism, which facilitates the transit and assimilation of information, but also their putting into practice.

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4- How does this training take place?

In order for you to make your website profitable, the SEO Business Legion training aims to equip you with various weapons that you will surely need in your battle against your competitors for the leadership of the first page of Google or any other search engine.

R. Pirotte wanted his training to take place in accordance with a very precise and superbly studied plan so that clients could clearly understand SEO, its importance and its use, but also themselves, their objectives and their roles.

After completing this training, participants form a small community where mutual aid, innovation and success are the main reasons for existence. This group cohesion is the result of organized training that takes place according to a plan as follows:

A whole module on the mindset

The Business Legion Romain Pirotte Module Mindset

SEO is above all a state of mind according to R. Pirotte who does not hesitate to make it known in his Business Legion training, where the mindset occupies a whole module.

Your Mindset can lead you either towards the accomplishment of your project, or towards its total abandonment, and therefore towards failure, which is why adopting a positive state of mind is essential if you want to learn. and master SEO.

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Doesn't do The Business Legion training that wants. Those interested must send their application to Romain, and he will decide if they have the right profile to follow this training.

For trainers, therefore, the state of mind is highly important, and that is why at the very beginning, they aim to inculcate the 6 pillars of the mindset to apply if you want to succeed in your digital project and achieve your goals. .

As a starting point for this training, the founder chose the Mindset. This is a strong signal that tells attendees the vital importance of this element often considered a detail in the field of digital marketing, which makes it most often overlooked and ignored by the majority of other SEO training.

SEO: success means finding your niche

The Business Legion Romain Pirotte Niche Analysis

Getting started in digital marketing requires effective intelligence and strategy. There are people who give their all, who invest heavily in their site and work constantly, all without much results. So, from my point of view, it's the most important module because everything goes!

There are, however, others who, with disconcerting ease, have been able to succeed in their field. Romain, in his Business Legion training, gives you the why and how of this phenomenon.

If, for the same level of effort, some succeed and others fail, it is because the former have been able to find a good niche, while the latter have launched themselves, blindly, into an overly competitive niche. or a niche that does not have significant potential.

How do you know if a niche is good? How to choose your niche? These are some of the questions among others that the training answers in a module devoted to finding niches.

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So there is a direct relationship between your earning potential and your choice of niche. To succeed and have optimal monetization of your site, you will need to choose a niche with a strong purchase intention, while remaining weakly competitive. A major challenge, but which, thanks to the training of Romain Pirotte, is easily met.

Indeed, in the Business Legion training, the trainers offer you to find a niche with high potential thanks to five new methods.

But if this still seems impractical to you, then know that Romain also offers you a golden list of the most monetizable and low-competition niches, which constitutes a major motivation to push you to take action directly and have quick results.

SEO: how to find the right keywords?

The Business Legion Romain Pirotte how to find the right keywords?

To sell on the internet, you have to offer what is sought by Internet users and use the words they use in their searches. But how do you know what Internet users are looking for? That's what Legion Business training teaches you to do.

Finding the right keywords is quite a complex process that Business Legion training tries to demystify. This training will teach you to imagine the purchase intentions of your potential customers and to put yourself in their shoes.

What may seem easy to you is something that is difficult to control. It is a know-how that one acquires after a long experience that R. Pirotte was kind enough to share in his training.

Choosing the right keywords is essential if you want to convert your potential into sales. Even if you choose the right niche but use the wrong keywords, you will be wasting time and money. By following The Business Legion training, you will become an SEO expert in keyword research.

On-Page module: to rank your site

The Business Legion Romain Pirotte On-Page Module: to rank your site

How to put your page in the first three search results of the Google page? Why do you need to be at the top of this page? Business Legion training answers these questions and teaches you how to rank your site at the top of search engine results.

You should know that 90 % of clicks are made on the first 3 results of Google searches. Now imagine that your site is on the second page! I can guarantee you that you will be sorely lacking in visitors.

There are simple criteria for Google to place your site at the top of its first page, and these are exactly the criteria that R. Pirotte teaches you in his training. In addition to the basics, the trainers will also offer you secret methods that allow you to rank your site among the first 3 Google results.

Off-Page module: give authority to your site

Off-Page module: give authority to your site backlink The Business Legion Romain Pirotte

Mastering the On-Page module, although vital to rank your site, will not alone allow you to place your products in the top 3 of Google. You will also need to master the Off-Page module. What is this ? This is the method that will allow you to let Google know that your page has great authority on the web. How to do ? A. Pirotte will let you know in his SEO training.

Giving authority means having a lot of quality links that redirect to your site. This is work that can take a long time and be too complex. It is to save you this time and simplify your work that Romain offers you concrete techniques and an approach to follow during which he will assist you step by step until you explode your income.

Content indexing: be up to date

google indexing The Business Legion Romain Pirotte

To rank sites and search results, Google uses increasingly sophisticated criteria, the number of which increases from year to year. In addition, these criteria are not disclosed by search engines. They can therefore only be discovered through experience and research.

Indexing your site properly and quickly is pleasing the Google algorithm. It may seem risky, but thanks to the effective techniques presented by the Business Legion training, you can be sure that your site will be placed at the top of the results appearing on the pages of search engines.

Optimize your site: provide a good user experience

Technical & UX provide a good user experience The Business Legion Romain Pirotte

A good site is a lot of criteria. A successful site is a site that manages to stand out from the others. To do this, The Business Legion training by R. Pirotte teaches you how to optimize your site and offer your users the best experience.

How does this SEO training plan to do this? It's simple. Legion Business teaches you, even if you don't have any programming knowledge, to give your site the minimum amount of reload time. As soon as the customer clicks, he is on the sales page.

Once inside, the customer must be restrained. This is why you must offer it the best user experience possible. And that's why the trainers teach you how to give your site a catchy and pleasant design.

BPN module: cultivate your private sites

Mastering PBNs The Business Legion Romain Pirotte

Legion Business training does not stop at teaching you netlinking. A. Pirotte, so that you can master SEO, also relies on your perfect mastery of PBN so that you can manage your network of backlinks efficiently and simply through your private sites.

To put it simply, let's say that PBN is what will allow you to manage a set of private sites that will let Google know that a lot of links are redirecting to your site. These links will however be contained within your own network of private sites. This is a fairly complex operation, but thanks to the strategy taught by this renowned SEO in his training, it will be easier.

You will be able to manage your backlinks profile, create your network of private sites, monetize your PBN, sell your links and even do SEO affiliation, all without being unmasked. This is also a good opportunity to master the affiliate business.

Buy expired domains

Buy Expired Domains The Business Legion Romain Pirotte

Although buying expired domains is a discipline in its own right, in his Business Legion training, Romain Pirotte teaches you how to get your hands on the most suitable expired domains for your business.

What use? The trainers explain the benefits to you and teach you the 7 methods and tips for choosing an expired domain. This training also gives you new techniques in this direction.

Automatically generate quality content

Automatically generate quality content The Business Legion Romain Pirotte

Not comfortable with writing? Can't make quality content? With Business Legion training, you won't waste another minute.

A. Pirotte teaches you how to automatically generate quality content and publish it on your site. It gives you simple, yet effective techniques, which will give your site a big boost.

In addition to all these steps, the Business Legion training also offers you:

– SEO case studies

– 1000 euros of plugins

– a supportive community

– premium mods

– a dynamic platform where we share ideas (we send requests for help on discord)

– unlimited access to unique SEO tools and plugins

– two unique videos every 30 days

You also have, for those who want to specialize or go further, the SEO Black hat Money training but also the Jerome Pasquelin ndd training. You will also be able to master the BHM Generator.

5- What about The Business Legion training? My opinion !

Given the satisfaction of the entrepreneurs who were able to participate in this training, I can only tell you that we can only think highly of the courses given by Romain Pirotte and his trainers.

It should be noted that the participants in this training, whether they are beginners, novices, or experts, very quickly exploded their income from the Internet and displayed their success on the Business exchange platform. Legion.

With Business Legion, it is sure that you will have a very fast return on investment. Although the price of this training may seem quite expensive, in reality, it is the price to pay for not falling into useless training which will only make you lose what you already know about SEO.

The training covers all the elements that will allow you to master SEO, and unlike others, it dwells on each of them.

The Business Legion training also accompanies the participants even after the end of the courses, thus allowing them to quickly access the practical application of the knowledge they have been able to acquire.


6- How much does the SEO Business Legion training cost?

The price displayed by Romain Pirotte's The Business Legion training is 2000 Euros. If that sounds expensive to you, then you should know two things.

The first is that this price should increase in the coming weeks or months, given the quality of the courses and the high demand.

The second thing is that for these 2000 euros, you will be able to recover them easily thanks to the knowledge that you will acquire throughout this training.

If you assimilate and apply what you learn, you will be able to make your first 2000 euros simply each month, and this, after six months of practice.

You should also know that Business Legion is an SEO CPF training. This means that employees can take advantage of the Professional Training Account (CPF) to finance it. Simply create your training account and find out how much you will be charged.

The Business Legion is a training that guarantees you mastery of the SEO tool over time. It is hard to do better. But as if that were not enough, R. Pirotte also offers to accompany you after the end of the training via personalized coaching and SEO tools available for life.

This is a golden opportunity not to be missed. I strongly advise you to register for this training without delay and take advantage of the knowledge of this renowned French SEO and trainer. It is at your disposal and at a ridiculous price!

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