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You want to create a site website for various purposes, site showcase or one blog ? It is essential that it be hosted on a server to be visible to Internet users. But it is also important to opt for a host which offers you secure storage spaces. Among the many hosts present on the web, Planet Host is a web hosting company, wordpress and of woocommerce who has been talking about him since 14 years. However, what about the quality and efficiency of their services? We talk about it a little more in this article.

Planet Hoster: who are they?

Occupying the 47th place out of a total of 272 website hosts, Planet Hoster is a Quebec company (Canada) existing since the year 2007. They now have more than 60 000 clients who trust them all over the world. They had to accommodate more than 100 000 websites and have 2 data centers implanted in France and at Canada.

It should be specified that the data centers are buildings that can house thousands of servers, but also network equipment. They are the ones that are used for the storage and processing of computer data. In addition, they are highly secure and offer data protection against the risks of fire, flooding, theft, intrusion, breakdown and power cut.

In short, their presence within the company of a host is nothing but a immense source of guarantee of security. Planet Hoster also offers other great services apart from website, wordpress and woocommerce hosting. These are the services of reservation of nouns of domain, certificates SSL, as well as solutions accommodation E-mail.

Another interesting fact, since 2009 (12 years and 2 years after its creation), Planet Hoster decided to turn to a accommodation futuristic more ecological. Indeed, Planet Hoster's Canadian infrastructures only use green energy that comes entirely from hydroelectric dams. Also, the cooling system of the already green facilities is powered by green energy thanks to Canada's climate.

The approach outsourcing is based on the optimization of servers and technical resources that contribute to the economy energy and thus avoid wastage. Server lifecycles are respected through a use environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the data center located in Canada is powered by hydroelectricity while supplying that of France with renewable 100% energies is one of the priorities of the host.

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In addition, the servers selected by the host are chosen according to their energy efficiency, their performance, but also their consumption. Power Use Effectiveness (CPUE). With the aim of considerably reducing electricity consumption, Planet designs solutions and plans accommodation virtualized that consume less energy than traditional solutions.

It should not be forgotten that apart from what concerns the hosting of sites, Planet Hoster has also taken administrative measures to reduce its ecological footprint. The first is the lighting of its premises with devices based on LED technology. Second, timers have been installed with the aim of reducing and optimizing the company's electricity consumption.

Third, their offices are 'paperless'. For example, on the rare occasions when documents need to be printed, only recycled paper is used. Fourth, the company's waste is subject to selective sorting. Fifthly, Planet Hoster participates in the recycling of equipment, in particular through donations to charities/associations.

Finally, carpooling is encouraged within the company, particularly for business trips.

Planet Hoster: what are their offers and prices?

Above all, Planet Hoster offers a accommodation free for small websites. The sites created will be PHP 7 websites which include MySQL databases, email accounts, WordPress and a SiteBuilder. This offer is well suited to blogging, to forums and to pages website (of CV for example). This offer does not hide any fees or advertisements.

Opting for this offer entitles you to a disk space of 750MB, a traffic unlimited, 2 FTP accounts, 2 E-mail accounts, 2 databases, 2 sub-domains and areas parked (A.k.a) unlimited. This last option gives you the possibility to create a name of domain personalized.

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Planet Hoster also offers Tea World. This is a solution accommodation mutualized. This is a hosting model that allows you to host many Internet sites (probably from different customers) which will be grouped into a common pool of computing resources via a single server.

If you want to host several sites at the same time, Planet Hoster allows you to have a unique and independent account per website, so that the administration panel, resources and infrastructure are independent for each site. This shows that each of your sites benefits from an isolated 100% environment. Moreover, you are free to choose the location of your server/data center (Canada or France).

Finally, Planet Hoster offers HybridCloud, its solution accommodation dedicated. More expensive than the shared hosting solution, it allows you to have a server individual. So you don't have to share it with other customers. This option allows you to benefit from all the resources of the server, but also to configure it as you wish. If you want to host a high traffic site, HybridCloud is the best solution for you.

The World

Tea World entitles you to web hosting unlimited. So you have the power to host as many sites as you want. Whether in terms of storage space or bandwidth, you are absolutely not limited. It would also seem that Planet Hoster is the only host on the market to offer such an offer. This also gives you access to:

  • unlimited email accounts via Zimbra and from 1.99 euro per month;
  • SSL certificates (Symantec, LetsEncrypt);
  • a permanent domain name;
  • a migration free for those who wish to leave another host for Planet Hoster;
  • and assistance accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by ticket, by email, by livechat or by telephone.

As mentioned above, the choice of the location of the data center (and therefore of the server) is free. You can opt for France (Paris) or for Canada (Montreal). However, it should be noted that the domain name is only permanent if your site remains hosted by Planet Hoster. If you switch to another host, you won't be able to keep it.

In addition, the management of the material resources allocated to you is entirely up to you. Planet Hoster therefore offers you great flexibility and freedom in the management of your resources. The offer Tea World is available from 6 euros THE month. For this minimum rate, you are entitled to:

  • 8 CPU: this means that you can create a maximum of 8 different hosting accounts;
  • 16 GB of Ram memory;
  • and at 16 MB/s I/O.

This offer also allows you to access the Sitebuilder (site editor) of Planet Hoster. Finally, you can benefit from a 14-day money-back guarantee. You therefore have the option of using the service for 14 days and being fully reimbursed if you are not satisfied.

This warranty also gives you access to a cPanel (control panel), a rare perk. That said, with regard to transfers of domain, it takes 1-2 weeks to access your domain.


Planet Hoster's dedicated and cloud hosting gives you access to dedicated 100% resources. Managing the configuration of your hosting down to the smallest detail does not exclude the assistance of a team available 24/7. This assistance takes into account the outsourcing of your hosting (management of updates, configurations, potential bugs and optimizations).

The high standards offered in the offer Hybridcloud are of good quality. These include WAF protection, anti-DDOS, firewall, SSL, KVM, antivirus and antimalware, among others. Of course, this offer costs much more than The World. To access it, you have to pay from 49.99 euros per month.

It should be noted that all Planet Hoster prices are tax included (all taxes included). If you want to compare these prices to those of other hosts, it is important to make sure that they also offer prices including VAT.

Planet Hoster gives you the choice between various CMS (systems of management of content) such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, etc. This is an advantage that the majority of hosts do not offer.

Planet Hoster: what interfaces does this host provide access to?

Planète Hoster gives you access to two interfaces which are the World panel and the cPanel. Once you have provided the necessary information for your web hosting, you are redirected to the interface for managing your account settings. The menus available are diverse and allow you to take care of managing the majority of the settings related to your hosting.

For example, the "My Services" menu allows you to manage your accounts and the allocation of your resources. The management interface also allows you to modify the DNS / nameservers manage your domain names, and modify contact details relating to the holder, contacts, etc.

It should be noted that you also have the option of managing your customers' domain names using an API (Application Programming Interface). This possibility will be of great use to you if you are an agency managing websites for example.

The “Support” menu also deserves to be developed. It is thanks to him that you can easily send tickets to Planet Hoster's customer service to obtain generally positive feedback. Among other things, you can benefit from the remote control service. The latter gives you the possibility of entrusting the control of your computer to a technician in complete safety. This remote control only lasts as long as your request is processed and the problem solved.

As for the "World" interface, it is dedicated to the management of all the functionalities related to your hosting. Thanks to it, you can access your domains, your mail, your databases, your files, your statistics, the sitebuilder and much more.

Regarding the control panel cPanel, it is used by all hosts. It is this built interface that gives access to the management of all aspects of your web hosting: your databases, your files (images, videos, etc.), your emails, your domain names, etc.

What about Planet Hoster's sitebuilder?

It is a drag & drop type editing interface (literally drag & drop). Drag & drop is an alternative to copy/paste and cut/paste. For example, to move a file from one window to another, all you have to do is click on the icon, hold down the click, move the mouse to the second window before releasing the click.

The selected file follows the movement of the mouse and joins the location where the click was released. This interface offers more than 350 themes classified into twenty categories.

Planet Hoster: what are the positive points of this host?

Apart from its offers and their quality, Planet Hoster offers you free tools for analyzing your site. It is PlanetBoost and of World LS. These tools allow you to:

  • to check if your site is under SSL;
  • to check how your site is perceived on Google;
  • to analyze and have access to different options to improve the speed data of your site, etc.

Once the analysis has been carried out, you have access to the elements that need to be corrected to improve the performance of your site. That said, Planet Hoster does not offer solutions to the problems posed. So you will need an expert if you don't have computer knowledge.

Also, theuptime of Planet Hoster is maximum. I'uptime represents the duration during which a site or a Web service is available over a given period and the accessibility rate of this host is 100%. You can therefore request its services at any time without having to fear periods of inaccessibility.

In addition, the loading speed of the Planète Hoster page in GTMetrix is excellent. THE full loaded of Planet Hoster is done in 2 seconds. This is a good result in terms of indexing. Indeed, Google tends to highlight sites capable of loading quickly and therefore allowing users to access content as quickly as possible.

Finally, Planet Hoster's customer service is efficient, efficient and accessible at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). To access it, you have the choice between the tickets, phone, email And Messenger. This last option has the advantage of allowing you to keep the conversations. This perk can be useful to you in various situations.

If you contact Planet Hoster customer service, you are sure to be supported within 60 seconds or less. In addition, this service offers you tools free to improve the performance of your site.

Planet Hoster: what should we think of this web host?

To start, Planet Hoster offers a shutter free which can be very useful for beginners or for individuals or companies that do not have a large budget. Even if this offer has limited storage space (which is completely normal), it entitles you to unlimited traffic. If you choose this option, you will have time to grow your business, just to find the means necessary for a larger accommodation.

Moreover, Planet Hoster's platform is very easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic. The services offered are qualitative, and this, for prices interesting. The accessibility and speed of customer service allow you to solve your problems as quickly as possible and even to benefit from free tools to improve certain parameters of your website.

It is important to specify that Planet Hoster has a experience 14 years old, but also a system environmentally friendly. Hosting your site with Planet Hoster allows you to participate in the fight against the destruction of the environment. Finally, with the different interfaces offered for managing your hosting, you can keep an eye on all aspects, in an organized way.

It is normal to have doubts if you have never experienced accommodation website with Planet Hoster. But if you wish, you can test it out thanks to the 14-day money-back guarantee. This will allow you to get an idea of the quality of the services of this host without taking any risks. You can then decide if you want to continue or get your money back.

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