Yomi Denzel Avis ? Les secrets de la formation ECOM PRO July 2024

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Hi to you !

Do you want to get into the Creation of a website, and especially in the e-commerce ? You have heard of the Swiss entrepreneur Yomi Denzel and his exceptional results and successes but you hesitate to follow his training?

You've come to the right place because I'm going to reveal the secrets of this e-commerce training that is so much talked about: ECO PRO!

Yes yes you read correctly, I'm not going to talk to you and give my opinion, you will already find plenty of others on the search engines. Besides, if you want to have a interesting critical opinion, I advise you to go read this article which I find very well done !

I will rather give you concrete.

So after having started like everyone else by watching all the free videos that Yomi Denzel makes available on Youtube. By the way, if you haven't already done so, I urge you to check out his channel, you have nothing to lose! (YouTube channel which has more than 573,000 subscribers and a hundred videos to its credit). After his contest on Instagram he now has more than 700,000 subscribers!

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I ended up taking the plunge and taking his training! Yes, his free videos and his business strategies totally convinced me!

Consult my article in detail to know the offer it offers if you too want to change your life!

shopify free trial

How to join its complete ECOM PRO program?

Beginner or confirmed the program ECOM PRO give you all the keys to set up an e-Commerce that makes millions! It's not just training...

By integrating ECOM PRO you benefit from a personalized coaching and access to a expert community ! Click below!

Attend the Free Yomi Denzel Training

Yomi offers a real starter kit to quickly start making your first euros in E-Commerce.
I tell you right away, it's not this " initiation which will allow you to achieve the expected success.
However, if you are an ultra beginner, this will allow you to get a foothold in the business and find out if it is for you!

So good commercial Yomi or is his training really of quality?

Go follow me for a little overview of this training everyone is talking about! The training I followed, I know it well. Nothing beats a real user experience! I will therefore make you benefit from it and give you all the keys to help you in your choice if you want to follow a quality training.

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  1. First of all who is Yomi Denzel?

Quel âge a Yomi Denzel en 2024 ?

So let's get this straight Yomi was born on August 1, 1996. and not in 1998 as some sites show it… He therefore 27 years old !

Where was he born ?

He was born in Lausanne in Switzerland.

What is his real name?

His real name is Yomi Nicolas Olaniyi.

Who are his family members?

Her mother is Swiss and her father is Nigerian. His brother, Kaanu Olaniyi is a professional basketball player.

Where does he live ?

He lives between Switzerland, London but he spends more time in Dubai From now on !

What made her rich? The origins of his fortune…

Now let's see how he stands out in the Business and how he managed to achieve a fortune estimated at more than 12 million dollars !

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What we can say is that it is not at all from a family easy but rather very modest… And one day he had a click and it gave him the rage to win, he then swore to himself that he would succeed and that he too would be rich!

That speaks to you huh!?

He succeeded thanks to his will but above all his exemplary discipline.

Indeed, as he says in the mindset part of his training, being motivated is good but it ends up fading...

Having discipline is even better because you no longer depend on your moods you act like a soldier who reaches his target! (perhaps he was inspired by his time in the Swiss army to learn this kind of lesson)

Yomi Denzel extract from instagram photo Yomi Denzel Luxury car Instagram training ECOM PRO  Yomi Denzel turnover Ecom Pro training

Yomi Denzel the most popular scammer on the net?

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Broke student who became a millionaire in less than a year, it smells fake, doesn't it?

No, Yomi is fair a young e-merchant still in his twenties.

A guy out of nothing who has a perfect mastery of social media, and who has built his E-reputation by playing on virality by clearly selling us dreams on the Web with indecent figures and his photos in the middle of paradisiacal landscapes and luxury cars!

He made it all happen, and brags about it openly simply to gain visibility, it's ultimately just a good marketing strategy!

He even tries to make us believe that it's easy to get there. In summary, he relies heavily on the importance of social networks to gain notoriety and the passage in market places.

But behind all these Hollywood stagings, there are solid foundations.

Yomi in numbers is:

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  • 15K turnover generated in 1 day of Black Friday
  • 26K turnover in 24 hours with an influencer
  • recently 1 million in 48 hours!

Its turnover makes you dizzy, doesn't it?

Yomi is the king of record numbers, which combines the performance of CA.

Do these numbers sound crazy to you? Think again !

I am an e-merchant myself and I can assure you that with the right product, the right marketing and the right traffic acquisition strategies, you can reach stratospheric numbers very quickly! Believe me I have experienced it….

Which naturally led him to share his knowledge and become a trainer with his company Mindeo which he owns...

But he doesn't stop there, he has a perfect mastery of social media:

  • 573K followers on YouTube, with YouTube videos reaching 2.7M views, enough to make people jealous!
  • 607K on Instagram, with photos liked more than 50k times for the most part
  • 60K on Facebook.

Yomi Denzel number of Instagram followers in 2022 ECOM PRO

number of subscribers yomi denzel youtube channel

What we can notice is thatit is constantly progressing and that it is appreciated on social networks…

Certainly because its content is of quality! You can compare between the images below (which date from 2020) and the images above which date from 2022 that it is constantly progressing!

Yomi Denzel youtube Facebook Instagram

He thus became a essential reference in the world of e-commerce.

And like any star, his audience quickly became a loyal fan club: the YomNation, his fans always ready to encourage their mentor with their clicks and comments! Present on all social networks and adored by the media, its notoriety leaves no doubt today.

Yomi is the image of the success, A mind set in concrete and an undeniable charisma, which make him one of the best e traders.

If you want to follow his path, his training will give you solid foundations for creating an e-commerce and start selling on the internet, but let's be honest, without a mindset you won't make it. (This is also the first module of the training!)

In 2021, he founded Minea in order to compete adspy. This Software, in the form of SAAS, makes it possible to analyze advertisements and e-commerce products. It's kind of a tool to analyze data and spy on the competition in order to find the famous winning products (winners) !

But Yomi is interested in many things! Basically, anything that revolves around entrepreneurship excites him. Investments, personal development, lifestyle, inspiring stories from other successful entrepreneurs… It was then that he discovered a new passion for the stock market and trading!

We find a testimony from him because he followed the training of Thami Kabbaj in the field of stock market trading and investing !

He also buys a lot of NFT because it's the future for him and we understand that... Besides, he launched his own collection of NFTs in 2021 named Crypto Champion !

Recently, in 2022, he set up a YouTube channel, in podcast mode, with Osama Ammar named "Without Permission - By Yomi & Oussama" where the two friends talk about investment, crypto, mindset and many other exciting topics!

We also know that Yomi invested in real estate he is therefore a complete businessman who knows that the secret of success lies in the diversification of activities!

  1. Make Money money money With Yomi !

How much does this training cost?

Already, know that before going to checkout, you can enjoy 3 free videos. In 1h30 of video you will learn how to create your own drop shipping store on Shopify and be able to launch your first ads! No need to be a developer, creating a website is accessible to everyone.

Besides, I invite you to read my article to learn how to create a shop Shopify Free !

Arrived at this stage I admit that the suspense is too strong so we want to know more!

Training yomi denzel price:

Now let's talk honestly, let's talk about prices because like any good training, it pays off. It is necessary to count 1497 euros for more than 70 hours of training and lots of bonuses. But I'll show you here a reduction of 500€ ! So you can get the full program for just 997€ !

So yes it is a budget. That's what I said to myself at first, I hesitated for a long time, because I've already bought useless training. But honestly given the return on investment, don't hesitate and go for it. You really have to see it as an investment that will allow you to move up a gear in your business.

Without a solid foundation you will lose a lot more by making mistakes. Training saves you time, money and unparalleled motivation.


Beginner or confirmed the program ECOM PRO gives you all the keys for an e-Commerce that makes millions.

Don't do like 90% people, follow the training until the end but above all take action!

If you do not scrupulously apply what you learn you will not be able to succeed!


  1. The content of the ECOM PRO training (formerly E-commerce Pro ELITE V3)

First of all know that it is a education for success in e-commerce but ultimately it can be useful for e-commerce in general because it will give you concrete to launch your shop with a good conversion rate, customer loyalty and sell a product quickly.

What exactly does this training contain?

Yomi denzel training, quality training!

  • More than 70 hours of video with unlimited access (you'll be impressed by the number of modules you'll find!): you can see them and review them as much as you want, no limit, that's very practical.
  • Action plan based on 6 weeks: you advance step by step to create your site selling products on Shopify and develop your business, in particular thanks to Facebook advertising, the study of Webmarketing and other levers to explode your sales!

Here is your future Training Dashboard ECOM PRO en July 2024

Yomi Denzel ECOM PRO training dashboard

Ecom Pro Training Resources: Facebook Group, Minea, Free Shopify Store, Shopify App, Coaching

Below is an overview of theold version of EC Pro Elite V3 training (in 2020), what we can see is that the training is in constantly evolving and which is regularly maintained and updated !

Yomi Denzel E-commerce Pro Elite V3

Yomi Denzel Training Dropshipping planning of the ECPRO ELITE V3 program


  • A Coaching and extensive support throughout your training : the Yomi team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will answer all your questions.
  • A access to the ECOM PRO VIP community : very active group on Facebook with more than 7,000 followers!

You can ask your questions, your successes, we help each other and we motivate each other. (The little extra, the Yomi team is also very active on this group to support all members.)

Yomi Denzel Group Facebook Coaching support ECPRO ELITE V3

Proof that this group is very active, as you can see on this Screenshot of a publication:


  • Livestream several times a month on the Facebook group.
  • Coaching : each member has 2 months of coaching via messenger to get started safely.
  • Very motivating challenges with the yomnation cup , interviews with people who have succeeded and testify to their experience, give advice.

In summary very very motivating ! Here are some excerpts from the testimonials that you will find in the Yomnation Cup module of week 6:

Yomi Denzel yomnation cut

And as a bonus : A summary text file of all the training to have the key points in mind and be able to quickly find a step + A list of 20 winning products tested and approved by his team + a list of the 10 best niches of the moment.

These documents are gold mines.. !! just for that, the training is worth its price, believe me!

You will also discover very useful software.


But what really characterizes this training beyond all these classic selling points is the fact that Yomi is surrounded by best experts in the field of marketing to support him: Fares Banouhiba, Loic Roussel, Stan Leloup and Ulrich Vallée.

And unlike its competitors, his training is progressive, which seems logical in the internet area because training is quickly obsolete. He is today, to my knowledge, the only one to do so. Currently we are at version 4.

Moreover, it is often presented to us as a dropshipping training but in reality it goes much further! It gives you the basics in e-commerce in general by accessing what he calls the “mind map”. Brilliant and customizable little tool.

Yomi Denzel mindmap

This graph gives you a global and simplified vision of everything that revolves around your business.

You will find there: Mindset, taxation, accounting, business creation, brand creation, creation of a shop (e-commerce sites) product search on Aliexpress or Alibaba to create your catalog of winners products and creation of product sheets, online payment solutions such as Stripe or Paypal, marketing tools, emailing, Facebook ads, Google AdWords (google Ads), google analytics, influencers, remarketing, customer relations, loyalty, communication strategy etc etc

You will become an expert in many areas, it's up to you to target in which you want to specialize to focus on your success because the purpose of all this is that you are quickly operational and that your counter explodes!


To give you an idea of the content, here are the 6 main steps that you will find when you have access to your dashboard:

  • Week 1 = Focus on the mindset + finance and taxation

This first week will allow you to lay a solid foundation !

First, you will work on your Mind set (your state of mind) because it is important to get rid of limiting beliefs if you want to succeed, whatever the field! You will discover the famous cold shower that will put you back in place! (the real ones know 😉 )

Quite frankly, despite my great age, I learned a lot with this module and I must recognize that the mindset plays an important role in the success of an entrepreneur.

Indeed, if you collapse at the slightest obstacle or if you always think negatively about the worst things that can happen to you, you will never succeed!

Then there is the obligatory step of finance, there accounting and some taxation. Here you will learn how to properly manage your money and declare your income for always be legal. In fact, you will learn to create your business whatever your location!

This is a crucial step to avoid a lot of problems later on, but above all to optimize things so as not to make all your tax profits go away… We also talk aboutexpatriation and banks adapted to e-Commerce and dropshipping.

Yomi Denzel ECOM PRO Week 1 Dropshipping Training Finance and Tax mindset module

Go because I'm nice I'll even reveal the details of the steps on finance and taxation.

If I allow myself to show it to you, it's because I personally think it's one of the key points that makes this training really complete! We give you all the information to create your company and declare yourself worldwide. It can be useful for any e-commerce or e-commerce, whether it's Dropshipping (direct delivery principle), Amazon FBA or other sales on Marketplaces, this is an essential step that few other training courses offer you today. All merchants must be registered. E-commerce does not escape the laws of commerce 😊

Be aware that many training updates have been made since this article was written. You can also find an extremely comprehensive module on SEO with Romain Pirotte. Besides, I advise you, if you appreciate the free traffic of SEO to read my article on the SEO training from Romain Pirotte The Business Legion !

Yomi Denzel ECPRO Pro Elite V3 Week 1.2 Training DropshippingYomi Denzel ECPRO Pro Elite V3 Week 1.1 Training Dropshipping


  • Week 2 = Business model how to create an e-commerce site with Shopify and create product sheets

In the week 2 module you will learn how to create your commercial offer. You will discover what the Business model of Ecommerce consists of, the traffic sources at your disposal to acquire new customers, how search for products and suppliers (sourcing).

Equally important is to research the positioning that you are going to adopt in your market, but also thebrand image that you will release to give confidence and penetrate into the brain of your customers!

In terms of supplier you will be entitled to a masterclass on CJ Dropshipping who is sort of your agent who is going to handle the sourcing of your products, the packaging and especially a dispatch quickly to your customers (less than 10 days from China, with the possibility of storing in Europe to further reduce delays) to be as professional as possible and satisfy your customers !

Yomi Denzel ECOM PRO Week 2 Dropshipping Training Offer Creation Module

  • Week 3 = Site Creation, Optimization, LTV, Customer Support

Watch out busy week because we're getting down to business! Personally, I now delegate this part because I don't particularly like it.

However, the website creation is a mandatory step and it is not a question of doing just anything!

So you will learn in the smallest details to create a Shopify store very pro but above all a sales page who converted your prospects into customers!

As you can see in the image below, there are many steps to follow in order to have a shop that holds up… But don't worry, you just have to follow the step by step process and you will quickly see that it is relatively simple. Install the right apps and configuring them well is important, as is setting up the right payment processor, for example Shop Pay !

You will also learn to manage your customer support with new techniques that will allow you to save a lot of time! Believe me customer support is really not a part that you have to neglect if you want to last in this business! I would even say that it is the pillar of a successful business !

module week 3 ecom pro yomi denzel

  • Week 4 = Facebook ads, TikTok, scaling, profitable customers

In this module, which is very regularly updated because it is constantly evolving, you will learn how to design and launch your first Facebook ads.

Whether you are a beginner or an experimenter, you will discover new and up-to-date Facebook Ads techniques that work ! We all know that Facebook advertising strategies expire very quickly so don't make the mistake of advertising Facebook like in 2017… and follow this module conscientiously! You will see that what you are going to learn here you will not find it anywhere else...

Another amazing traffic source will also be discussed, I named TikTok ! You will see that it is possible to make incredible sales with this young social network! You will therefore have a complete tutorial on managing your TikTok ads but also a module or you will learn how to make sales on TikTok without spending a penny !

Yomi Denzel ECOM Pro Module Week 4 Facebook Ads and TikTok Advertising Training Dropshipping

  • Week 5 = Digital strategy through a marketing plan, influencer marketing and Google Ads module

It may be a bit of a loss of speed but know that advertising through influencers always works if you know how to do it right ! Exit the old-fashioned stories here we are pro and it shows in the conversions!

You will therefore have access to the latest methods that work for make sales with influencers by using them surgically and wisely !

The module Google Ads is really a nugget… This source of traffic has simply incredible potential when you know how to use it in the right way. In fact, you have less risk of being banned from Google ads compared to Facebook ads but above all it is possible to have a millimeter cost management to ensure you a sustainable profitability over time !

And no Snapchat n’est pas mort.. 😀 c’est encore aujourd’hui en 2024 un source ENORME de trafic pour un very affordable cost provided you make suitable creative (videos)! You will not come back from what you will discover but above all learn in this module….

Yomi Denzel ECOM PRO Week 5 Module Influencer Marketing, Google Ads, Snapchat, Dropshipping Training

  • Week 6 = Pinterest Ads, Branding, Email Marketing, mailing, SEO module case studies and the famous Yomnation cup I was telling you about above.

Well, we're not going to lie to each other, there's still a lot of work in week 6... It's still a very busy week with extremely complete modules...

You will quickly understand that pinterest is yet another source amazing traffic source… Very affordable and rather simple to understand while being extremely effective. You will learn how to attract thousands of visitors to your website with an exceptional conversion rate. It is demonstrated that the average basket on Pinterest is often higher than other traffic sources.

Then, you will be entitled (I briefly told you about it earlier in this article) to a complete module to learn SEO (Search engine Optimization or natural referencing). If you don't know this word you will quickly understand that the interest is just enormous because it will allow you to attract visitors to your online store thanks to search engines like Google, Bing, Qwant etc and this Totally FREE! Bulk you will learn the art of getting free and optimized traffic !

It is often said that the organic traffic from Google is the one that best converted because it really respects the search intention of your visitor… Well thanks to this training you will know all the cogs to have free organic traffic… Isn't that nice?

When I told you that this week was busy... we continue with another EXTREMELY important part TheEmail Marketing !

What's the point of having your customers' emails if you don't use them? Know that emails are gold and can allow you to make tons of additional sales nearly free (yes almost because to have this email you certainly had advertising costs)!

It's all about knowing how to go about converting effectively with emailing. You will learn the good copywriting to convert.

It's also a great way to recover abandoned carts, I personally made a lot of numbers thanks to this. If you don't, you're wasting money! But you can also make sales to your existing customers by offering them new products... You will have understood that your email list is precious and can pay off big !

In the last part, you will have the YomNation cup who are actually very inspiring testimonials and interviews of Yomi student successes… Frankly, if you want to give yourself a boost of motivation watch these videos you will be motivated as ever!

Yomi Denzel ECOM PRO week 6 modules Pinterest Ads, SEO Module and Case Study, Email Marketing Module and YomNation Cup with Interview

  • And some bonuses if you want to go further

Success Pro Elite it's for the big ones lol… you will discover all the secrets of success thanks to the improvement of your productivity and the optimization of your investments. It's a real springboard to go even further and achieve extraordinary goals! However, before accessing Success pro you will have to succeed in your business!

THE Masterminds Elites are really a plus to go even further….


Yomi Denzel ECOM PRO Week BONUS Success Pro Elite and Mastermind Training Dropshipping

Here you have a good overview of what this training really contains, now it's up to you to make your own opinion and decide whether or not to join the team 😊


SO ? Are you convinced? Beginner or confirmed, the ECOM PRO program gives you all the keys to build a business that makes millions!

Access ECOM PRO right away by clicking below!


My conclusion after spending hours listening to Yomi denzel

 Yomi denzel winner YomNation

Yomi Denzel Reviews:

This training is by far the best French-speaking training currently available to generate a profitable trade. It is a complete training, very well structured and its price is reasonable.

Whatever your sector of activity and your professional experience, it will allow you to develop the notoriety of your e-business, to find a product that sells and to acquire the technical skills to win ever more new customers and finally have a business that works. If it allows you to multiply your earnings by 10, then I think it's quite a good investment!

AND especially Yomi explains things well, the community is very active and motivating, and the team actually follows us! Their promises are not just wind, rare things these days! Yomi does not just sell you his training, him and his team its really present and provide you with valuable follow-up, and ensure you a regular update of training.

Whatever your course, if your project is to trade on the internet, you will not be disappointed (and if you are, you have 24 hours to change your mind) so go for it, you have nothing to lose! If you want to save time it's time to take action !

So I would say to conclude that this training is the best quality price report that currently exists in the e-commerce training 😊 On your marks, get set, SELL!



Do you dream of winning the Yomnation Cup? It would mean that you have achieved success with your Ecommerce store… So don't wait any longer get trained by clicking below!

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